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We worked with Niche to create a social media post for Diageo’s whiskey brand – J&B Rare.
Their new pocket-sized bottle is the perfect size to take to outdoor events and that was the theme for our spot.
We shot a stop motion animation on our multiplane, so we could use a delay effect achieved in camera.
We used a blue screen and stock photography to acheive the alfresco vibe.
A key to the success of the product shot was conveying the size of the bottle which the multiplane really helped with for a shot where the hand appears to squeeze the bottle in size before it pops back to size for the hand to catch it.

Client: J&B Scotch Whiskey
Agency: Niche
Director of Photography: Peter Ellmore
Directed, Produced: Picturesmith

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Date published: 10 September 2020 2020-09-10T13:30:31+0100


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J&B Whiskey Pocket Bottle