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The brief was to create a series of animations that present LEGO Classic and Dots as arts and crafts materials.

Our approach was to use stop motion with pixilation. Childrens hands trigger unfamiliar movement with LEGO bricks; pouring, dripping, squashing and building to create various artworks and models.

The result is a series of fun, bright, colourful films that celebrate the possibilities of playing with LEGO.


  • Adam BellGaffer
  • Adina KelleyManicurist
  • Alexander DavisExec Producer
  • Highly UnlikelyExecutive Producer
  • Arnau Gòdiaanimators
  • Arnau GòdiaStop motion animator
  • Claire SmithsonArt dept
  • Claire SmithsonArt Department Assistant
  • Hannah HopkinsArt
  • Heidi BennettCD
  • HIGHLY UNLIKELY LIMITEDProduction company
  • Isabel ArunachalamHand models
  • James Muxworthycompositing
  • Jonathan YatesGaffer
  • Jonathan YatesGaffer
  • Lily HopkinsArt
  • Linus HopkinsArt
  • Lisa RambergArt
  • Marilyn NapaulProducer
  • Matthew KrasuckiAnimator
  • Matthew KrasuckiStop motion animator
  • Matthew WeeksArt
  • Mehreen Sheldon-AhmedProduction Manager
  • PanaluxLights
  • Peter MauderComposer and sound designer
  • Peter MauderMusic & sound design
  • Rosie EvattLEGO Producer
  • Simon RønsholtCD
  • The Little Cooking PotCatering
  • * PicturesmithAnimation Production Company
  • * Peter EllmoreDirector of Photography
  • * Christian HopkinsDirector
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