Pictodome Paris


The brief was as described above :

1. Our activity
PICTODOME is basically a line production company.
It provides more than classical line production duties to become a multitask company offering a wide range of services to film industry.
We intervene at various stage of film production, from development/onset process to film promotion through specific marketing operations.

Our job shift/Our competences are :
* DISTRIBUTOR - international sales
* EVENTS ORGANIZATION - Above the line products

2. Our corporate identity
Our punchline is "The dome that shelters pictures".

Our values are based on:
* Trustworthiness
* Creativity
* Corporateness (we only work in a bTOb field)
* Open-minded
* Avant-garde

We work internationally and are a multiethnic team.

3. Our expected logo
Final logo should look like the ones I send as an example as attached

We expect:
a 3D logo with classical baseline from CMYK to greyscale to black and white
a square outline (that means a square disposal)
easily identify a dome as a central element
use maximum 3 colors that includes the following :
- Champagne
- Dark candy-Apple
Herewith are the web links on which you'll find RGB and CMYK codes

Our fonts : Roboto and titillium text

4. Delivery

PSD or AI or EPS format; a PSD of the logo with separate layers should be provided
300 dpi, CMYK. We take care of the greyscale and black and white versions
Infinite declinaison allowed
Copyright fully sold : we buy the full ownership of the logo but won't miss to promote you and enlight you talent, to follow you on twitter and facebook, to partner you for further project... it's about convincing us it's a long-term collaboration


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Pictodome, logotype by Rena Sosy, Tanzanian graphic designer