Hailed as Monty Python for the modern day, the Good Omens title sequence is a brilliantly bonkers concoction of illustration, character animation, 3D, CGI and live action. The sequence depicts an epic journey from the beginning to the end of the world yet also exists as a testament to our lead’s friendship, despite their obvious (good and evil) differences.

The sun rises up on the edge of the world and the beginning of time. Our heroes Aziraphale (Michael Sheen) and Crowley (David Tenant), both allies and foes, walk across the scorched earth as she begins to unfurl, flower and breathe life. As the pair tread across time and space, a procession starts to form; a strange rabble of nuns, spacemen, hybrids and more who have been brought together with a common purpose of saving or destroying the world in the face of the Armageddon.

The procession builds in numbers as they pass forming landscapes, we will get to know both these characters and locations more as the series unfolds. The journey is peppered with clues, biblical references and nods towards the balance of good and evil; trees grow and die, plastic bags suffocate our oceans, and miracles intercept disasters. Our leads attempt to scupper each other and tip the balance their way, yet still toast the day as friends over a glass of wine - after all, there is good and evil in everyone. Indeed if we look closer at our procession we will see that our leads faces are on every character.

Our procession finally meets the end of the world, falling off the edge of the earth to their fates in heaven or hell. The rich layers of this sequence ensure it will be deliver new surprises with every view with both humour and poignancy.


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Good Omens Title Sequence

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