Pete Brady Lead Digital Experience Designer


Bring the level of quality, service and connection that people expect from Starbucks into the At Home experience
When all the coffee shops in the world are closed, enter Starbucks® at home. A mobile first contemporary UX/UI design for the launch of Starbucks® at home, where consumers can perfect the art of the Barista at home. Whether your style is light to dark, smooth to rich, or balanced to robust, we have a cup that's made to be yours. Discover new coffee formats, roasts, how to's, brew methods or have Starbucks® profile your tastes to recommend the perfect blend for you.

Design for a radical simplification of choice.
The experience of filtering numerous coffee products had to be intuitive and engaging allowing users to be able to find their favourite products as well as discover new blends and origins putting them in control with progressive and immediate ways to purchase without a cold third-party handover process.

— Make buying easy.

— Put the consumer in control.

— Balance inspiration with conversion

Progressive methods of profiling.
The design of a customer profiler means that users can answer a simple 5 step coffee quiz which reveals which product suits their taste with a direct path to purchase plus additional content in the form of recipes they can make with their chosen coffee. Not only that, it means that Starbucks® can learn more about the habits of their consumers and their tastes and provide more relevant content suggestions.

— Use purchases and preferences to inform

— Ongoing discovery of products

— Transparent, engaging use of data

— Algorithmic product-matching

Making the consumer the expert
Bringing the Barista home means adding a sense of discoverability to the experience, helping the consumer to grow their expertise and explore their coffee passion all in one place. Through Inspirational recipe content, utilising process visuals, we encourage the user to learn and create and ultimately convert to purchase. It was also crucial to provide a place where customers can share their own experiences, generate unique content and be recognised for it, giving them a sense of belonging and community.

— Authenticity with process visuals

— Win with quality content over volume

— Provide a sense of place

— Educate and convert


Project featured: on 28th May 2024

Starbucks at Home