Pete Brady Lead Digital Experience Designer


Creating an immersive matchday experience wherever the fan may be.

With exclusive footage, premium podcasts, coaches’ analysis and an online community of fans from right across the world; Access Munster brings you to the heart of Munster Rugby where fans can enjoy the highs and lows of game day, re-watch their favourite tries, catch up on latest new, all whilst organically growing the community.

Discovery of exclusive content and premium podcasting.
From the heart of Thomond Park to the auditorium of the High Performance Center, get up close and experience Munster Rugby like never before.

The platforms mission is to both inform and entertain the dedicated fan as well as inspire and capture the new. Through original content, special interviews and premium podcasts combined with intuitive tagging schemer and a powerful recommendation engine, users are immersed into the world of Munster, with points of shareability dotted throughout so user can refer other new fans to get access, building the community of fans.

— Suggestion engines promote discoverability

— Balance the need to inspire with the need to deliver on expectations

— Intuitive tagging schema

A community focussed matchday experience
It's the fans that make match day! That same excitement and conversation needed to be brought to the platform to build an inclusive community around the world.

Through the use of powerful social media tools and integration of Live Like, we were able to provide fans with the ability to engage with one another pre, during and post game with live Match Threads with Munster personalities, ability to comment and vote on content, creation of a personal profile and interact with other Munster supporters.

— Pre, during and Post match community content

— UGC keeps the platform ‘alive’

— Select members in charge of moderation

— For the fan, by the fan


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