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AXE is synonymous with young guys. As the ever increasing pace at which expectation changes within the mindset of its loyal Gen-Z consumers, the brand continues to advance and evolve, striving to stay relevant, connected and most importantly front of mind.

This latest development of AXE is built on solid foundations following a re-calibration of the brand in recent years which successfully drove positive reappraisal with core consumers and reaffirmed the brand’s credibility.

AXE has since been on a progressive journey of expression, fuelled by an exciting yet challenging innovation pipeline of limited edition fragrance collisions, including the controversial but iconic LYNX Africa x Marmite range, which embraced a much more expressive and vibrant aesthetic.

This fresh and expressive visual code, with its inspiration firmly rooted in street art, has generated strong appeal with AXE guys and presented us with an opportunity to transcend the master brand into a much more vibrant and progressive territory, with the aspiration to put street art in the hands of every AXE guy across the globe.

We used our long established partnership with the brand and deep understanding of each AXE variant to curate a detailed back story for each of the brand’s iconic fragrances, before briefing renowned street artist, Ben Tallon to bring their vision to life as a range of graffiti inspired illustrations.

We've once again successfully progressed AXE to a place that feels more credibly edgy, vibrant, and on trend as the brand continues to engage and resonate with its core GEN-Z consumers.

“ ‘Expression’ is the future for AXE that will re-define what the brand stands for:” says Ben Lambert, co-founder and creative partner at PB Creative.”

“This is the beginning of an exciting journey which will see the brand engage with consumers on a higher level through increasingly compelling and desirable AXE brand expressions.”

Marco Montanaro, senior brand manager at Unilever added: “PB has brought the brand back to its roots but with a new focus and energy. The graffiti led approach feels more ‘street’ with massive opportunities for exciting, brand world activations. The brand is now very much where we want and need it to be – characterful, with a ‘cult-like’ edge.”

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Expression is the Future! AXE Global Redesign by PB Creative