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The Brief
Attract and convert new sign-ups to Sky

The Concept
Design web pages which delivers Sky content based on the users viewing habits.

We set about initially designing a responsive web page template, desktop and mobile, for use across the board for all Sky channel pages. This indeed to include global navigation, channel navigation, login, hero video i-dent, content display, video player, sharing functionality, rating system, social media and global footer.

We designed series a ‘Digital Glass’ visual elements and a digital brand language was established to give the new templates brand relevance.

The target audience for these pages were Sky’s existing customer base plus prospect and returning prospect.

The Execution
Each channel page were given a hero video banner position above the fold. Here the broadcast ident was re-cut to fit a widescreen format rather than traditional 16:9. Hierarchical content blocks called ‘Panels’ were used down the page all ear marked with content type; video, social, marketing, promotion along with channel branding. This gave to ability to pull top level and give great display to premium content such as Game of Thrones, Madmen and Sky’s original content Fortitude.

The Sky channel brand guidelines were applied to the channel page and content blocks. Particular attention and craft was made to create the digital glass that all Sky content is viewed through. This glass, often easy to reproduce in print and broadcast, posed a unique set of challenges on the web with CSS. Page layout and UI elements crafted with Photoshop and presented via InVision.

By process of creative internal review, we arrived at a series of page designs and visual toolkits to serve the website and visual language moving forwards. This was all presented to Sky which they well received.

The Result
The resulting page layouts served as a style guide for migrating Sky content from their existing site to the new build. With cookie based landing pages and specific user goals set for each page, home and channel, saw a significant increase in the site’s usability. Supported by data driven user testing, the results was an overall improved user experience and on brand Sky experience.

Date created: August 2016 2016-08-01T00:00:00+0100
Date published: 12 February 2017 2017-02-12T22:45:37+0000


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