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Ibbleobble have a brand new website!

Since our launch, we have been quietly confident of all the products we produce, whether it's a fun-packed ‪#‎app‬ to help your child practice their multiplication skills or our website doing it's job making sure you are informed about all of our products.

"We understand that change is also good and for ‪#‎Ibbleobble‬ - where our whole ethos is about improving - we have taken the time to give our website a new look."

While the site still retains the 'all things fun-packed' feel, we have also made it easier for you to understand what Ibbleobble is all about.

For example We have made the app detail page, in particular, as thorough as it possibly can be and includes the following:

• Built on Wordpress, html5, CSS3 and clear semantic code
• High resolution graphics (enforcing our fun-packed brand)
• The inclusion of Ibbleobble bespoke photography (Consumers relate to endearing photography)
• A detailed visual description of the game play of each app (We need to make sure people know what they are buying)
• An embedded Youtube video (a clear visual summary of our app)
• Signposts where to get our app and which cost-effective bundle it is featured in (so all bases are covered and we give consumers the opportunity to save money too!)

Our about us page has also been enhanced and now includes putting faces to the team behind Ibbleobble... yes... there are just two of us! :o)

While our last site utilised #CSS3 animations, we decided it wasn't particularly necessary and sometimes 'less is more' - we can still have a smart looking site without too many bells and whistles.

As always, we have adhered to the latest #html standards, made sure our site works seamlessly across all browsers and in particular we had #mobilefirst at the forefront of our minds when scoping our site.

Please take the time to have a sneaky peek... and if you are feeling generous, give our new site a share. We will love you even more if you do!

Best wishes,

A proud, Paul @ #‎iblobl‬

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Out with the old and in with the new...... (Ibbleobble website)