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One of a series of films I conceptualised and scripted for Barclays to help shed light on and help consumers arm themselves against the ever-increasing number of scams. The overall concept of the films was to go beyond a traditional and dry educational approach and create something more entertaining. If we could make films that had both educational and entertainment value, it would encourage wider sharing beyond the core Barclays audience. This would not only help more people protect themselves from the scams, it would also position Barclays as a leader in this important area of financial security.

Each film paid homage to a different style, with this one taking its cues from the POV of Peep Show. The crux of the scam is that scammers make a phone call to vulnerable people explaining that their bank account has been compromised. This is then followed up with a courier visit to collect the bank card. For our film, this real-world situation was magnified to surreal levels, with the courier taking a liking to more than just the victim's bank card.

The whole series performed well beyond expectations for Barclays, proving that the more entertaining approach connected strongly with the audience. To date, The Courier Scam has amassed almost 150,000 YouTube views and 604,000 views on Facebook and was nominated for The Drum DADI Award in the Financial Services category.

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The Drum DADI nomination


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Barclays Courier Scam