Paul Holder Freelance Creative Copywriter


The battle against scams and fraud continues. The script I wrote here for the corporate arm of Barclays turns the camera on the fraudsters, and highlights that they're organised, determined and professional - they're not chancers, but people who do this for a living.

By showing that the fraudsters took time to learn about their victims, their routines and their behaviour, we believed that potential targets would understand that the threat to their business was real, and address it in the same way they look to protect their IT systems.

I wrote a script that challenged the actors to bring several levels of intensity to the table and would encourage viewers to watch right to the end. From the opening friendly chatter and humour which transformed into the power of the threatening ending, they brought this increasing danger to life for the viewer.

Date created: April 2017 2017-04-01T00:00:00+0100
Date published: 11 April 2018 2018-04-11T12:56:00+0100


Barclays - CEO Impersonation Fraud