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I am a highly skilled, confident and intelligent content manager and copywriter with a creative and enquiring mind. I have several years' copywriting experience and have honed my ability to convey complex information in a succinct, engaging and interesting manner. My writing, editing, proofing and research skills are impeccable, while my creative talents enable me to quickly generate a raft of ideas. I know how to structure my writing and can naturally see how one piece works alongside all others to achieve the desired outcome. No subject is too trying, and I have experience in writing both short- and long-form copy. I am adept at managing social media accounts, using content management systems, and can adapt my tone to suit the requirements of the particular sector and target audience.

In previous roles, I have created, developed and managed the branding of companies, including producing all website copy from scratch, customer/prospect email journeys and collateral for sales teams. An essential part of my remit in recent times has been to retain existing customers (and try and increase the level of their custom where possible), and convert prospects into new customers. This has been achieved through the production of newsletters, case studies, blogs, news pieces, articles, social media ads and posts, and targeted emails. The basic premise of all of these channels is to work together to educate and inform the audience in an engaging way to demonstrate three distinct (but related) ideas:

1. The company knows what they are talking about

2. The company is passionate about the space they operate within

3. The prospect/customer can benefit from this passion and expertise

In my spare time, I produce articles for two scientific publications. These require me to distil the key points of any given scientist's research and present them to a lay audience. When I am sent the materials I am totally oblivious about the science, research, aims etc., but I can very quickly grasp the 'big picture' and create entertaining and informative articles that the scientists themselves can use for various reasons (scientists are brilliant at science, but not always as good at disseminating their research).

I am always - and I mean always - capable of doing what is asked of me.

I am kind, gregarious and a voracious reader. It frustrates me when I come across something that I do not know anything about, so I do my best to rapidly gain an understanding. This is not so I can boast if it ever comes up in the presence of others, it is simply for its own end. More than anything else, I enjoy learning about things.

I believe reading is the best way of achieving this and writing is the best way of crystallising it.


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Banking, Fintech, Investment, lifestyle, media, payments, science


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