Paul Clarkin Multimedia UX Designer


Logo design and brand merchandise done for the metal band Neck Sword.

We wanted to encapsulate a grungy doom metal feel that most importantly worked on the band's merchandise.

As a result, two logos were created to. One as more of a strapline and the other as a mural. Both logos work in harmony with each other


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Neck Sword Metal Band Branding & Merchandise


Our band was looking to get some branding and logo work done. We had a vision but couldn’t quite actualise it. Paul was great when it came to trying to communicate our ideas and turning it into a tangible product. Whether it was digitising and refining an existing logo or thereafter coming up with more original design work. The t-shirts came out great and really represented our band’s image we were going for. Although the band dissolved shorty after, I really appreciated how easy going and approachable Paul was. He is definitely passionate about the work he does and it shows in the product.

* Martin Law
Client at Freelance
22 Feb 2024