Paolo Sulpasso Documentary Filmmaker /​ AR experience designer


An outdoor Immersive Experience where the local community is the protagonist. The experience was held in Liverpool during Lightnight, Liverpool’s one-night arts festival.
The theme of this year's Lightnight was "Play" and how Play could offer a space to create, re-imagine and find novel solutions. The goal of the experience was therefore to bring people together to an outdoor event after the period of lockdown but also to attract their attention to the Baltic Green, an Urban Park of Liverpool that was undergoing the struggle to be saved. The idea of a mystery hunt powered by Augmented Reality was the response to the need to bring people outdoors while still respecting the Corona-virus H&S Guidance. For the event we used a WebAR Engine in order to facilitate access to the content, avoiding the need of downloading an App. During the night (5pm to 8pm) there were 227 scene views, which indicate how many times the audience activated the content visible through Augmented Reality.


  • Open Culture - Lightnight 2021Client
  • AWE (Augmented Web Experiences)WebAR Engine
  • Baltic Creative CICCommunity Partner
  • Baltic Green Urban ParkCommunity Partner
  • Coffee and TurntablesCommunity Partner
  • Delia and TristanDiscoverers of the Baltic Green creatures
  • Hobo KioskCommunity Partner
  • Ivan Thunders"Create your own Culture" advocate
  • Liverpool Psychedelic SocietyCommunity Partner
  • Mark ShenkinScreenwriter
  • Mick Ord Media ConsultancyThe Voice of the Baltic Triangle Podcast
  • PacificstreamCommunity Partner
  • The Baltic Triangle PodcastCommunity Partner
  • * Paolo SulpassoCreative Director
  • * Alexandra ArdeleanDesign and animation of the Baltic Green Tribe
  • * Alexandru LazarProduction support

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