The most creative Vine videos and their creators

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How would you use just 6 seconds of video to create a stir and grab attention?

The creative bunch below have given a glimpse into their artistic life through their Vine videos.

Despite the introduction of Instagram's video capabilities, Vine has stayed strong, recently reaching 40 million users. And as Vine's popularity continues to grow more and more creatives are finding new ways of tackling the Vine video. The best come from those thinking outside of the box and doing things differently. 

Browse through some of our favourites and add your own in the comment box below. Enjoy!

1. Real Fruit


2. Sharpie Man


3. Connecting the Dots


4. Word Rain


5. The Paperman's Escape


6. Playing with Food


7. I Follow You, You Follow Me?


8. The Book Beatle


9. Downsizing


10. Cosby Pudding


11. Rainbow Dish


12. MiniTweed


13. Thomas Hardy


14. Banana Squid


15. Table Toast


16. Fall Apart Beautifully


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