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STHLM magazine was created to help the Chamber of Commerce deepen its connection with its members, engage them, and show that it’s a driving force in developing Stockholm as a city.

The project has a small, and difficult to reach, primary target group, consisting of CEOs, management and owners of the 2,000 Stockholm-based companies that are members of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce – from small local enterprises to large companies like Spotify and Handelsbanken. Another target group features leaders in politics, management, media and opinion formers.

The Chamber of Commerce knows many of its members are pressed for time and drowning in information, they’re not frequent consumers of social media and spend relatively little time online.

Being a kind of “city mayor,” the Chamber wanted something to capture and engage the audience, and to show that it has the solution to the challenge of achieving strong growth.

Considering the audience behavior, we decided to go for print. The weighty publication stands out in terms of size, design and content and was distributed to readers just before the Christmas holidays, when hopefully they had more time to read.

STHLM Magazine dares to be bold and surprise the readers. The publication is ambitious in design and content, and packed with great reads and infographics about the “new Stockholm” – new “cities within the city,” innovative companies, new residential areas, daring architecture and the hyper-modern Karolinska Hospital. At the same time, it highlights issues such as companies moving out, crammed public transport and the housing shortage and also covers trends and innovations such as living conditions in the future.

The design is playful and influential, with thorough articles and exciting infographics packaged in a format where the small details complement the large strokes.

The overall goal of the communication was to attract attention and inspire the target group – the most influential decision-makers in the Stockholm region. The message we wanted to convey was that the Stockholm region is Sweden’s and Europe’s engine for growth, and that Stockholm could become Europe’s most successful capital.

We wanted STHLM Magazine to be a ground-breaking statement, with a brave design and an impactful format. The goal was to inspire readers and to get them to begin thinking about how Stockholm could be the most successful city in Europe.

Results from a reader survey are pending, but the reception has been warm, and the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce has received highly positive reactions from the target group.

The CEO of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce brings the magazine to all her meetings, handing it out to politicians, decision-makers and leaders for members and prospective members.


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