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Over the years of helping consumers with their skincare issues, Swedish ACO witnessed the impact that skin can have on our self-esteem. Self-esteem is built from within but often affected by external factors.

The media is heavily focused on “perfect skin” and ACO wanted to change this by highlighting ambassadors and role models who have suffered from difficult skin conditions, to spread hope and knowledge.

For the concept, ambassadors talked about how factors such as skin, affect their self-esteem and how they try not to let their skin restrict them. Influencers were a fundamental part of the concept, helping ACO creating awareness to their audiences by sharing their honest stories about their struggles with self-esteem. Their mission was to share their thoughts and experiences. To illustrate the feeling of having visible skin problems, their skin was painted in strong colors.

The target audience was women in Sweden, 20-55 years old.

With the "My skin won’t stop me" campaign we wanted to lift what isn’t always visible on the surface, but often felt on the inside.

The communication goals included ACO being perceived as an expert and first choice for skincare issues, consumers talking about ACO and visiting the website, and consumers choosing ACO now and in the future.

The main goal of the "My skin won’t stop me" campaign was to spread knowledge and hope when it comes to skin disorders.

A study of the target group confirmed that skin disorders are linked to poor self-confidence. 66% said they had experienced lower self-esteem because of their skin conditions.

The brand building campaign was gathered in a hub on ACO's website and the content distributed via social media. The 70 pieces of content were designed to attract both a broad audience as well as smaller segments identified by demography and interests.

The campaign had a major social media impact. The films were viewed over 3.3 million times, and the content had over 9.9 million views within the target audience.

The overwhelming results show the importance of raising the issue and for ACO to be a facilitator for dialogue around it. ACO hopes and believes that campaigns like "My skin won’t stop me" can help people with skin problems to accept themselves, and also that people can become more inclusive and treat each other better.


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