When it comes to fitness products, few brands show everyday women working out. Instead, they depict perfect athletes in sweat-stained apparel doing Olympic-level workouts to high-octane music. U by Kotex was determined to launch its line of fitness tampons, pads and liners with a campaign that would reflect and inspire ALL women and expand the consciousness of what it means to be active.

That’s why U by Kotex partnered with yoga instructor and body positivity advocate Jessamyn Stanley for its fitness launch. By elevating her relatable fitness story, we broke down barriers across television, print, social media, digital and the brand’s website. Jessamyn’s vulnerability as she confessed the personal struggles that kept her away from the gym, and how she overcame them to become head of the class, inspired women everywhere. Tapping into Jessamyn and other fitness influencers that women could actually relate to made all the difference and set U by Kotex apart.

784MM earned media impressions

Resulted in 9MM new website visitors and 658k return visits

Product sample requests increased 22%

Owned Social – Exceeded engagement benchmarks by 40%

Organic search grew 31% above benchmark


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Annual 2018 ShortlistU by Kotex Fitness LaunchIntegrated Project featured: on 1st February 2018

U by Kotex Fitness Launch

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