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As a freelance copywriter, I strongly believe that the power of the written word is more crucial then ever before.Today's media landscape is over-saturated with content; launch any social media app or search any web engine and you will find yourself overwhelmed with options. With a shift to a more virtual world, particularly given the recent Covid-19 Pandemic, the power of the written word is more than ever before.

A brand's content, be it through website SEO, blogging or social media campaigns is crucial to helping it stand out. Content writing has become more than it has ever been. In particular, given recent changes in shopping habits and social distancing guidelines. It has become a critical component to how a brand connects with its audience and thus a critical component to keeping the world together.

The skills and experiences I have to offer are vastly beneficial in doing so. I have worked with an array of different audiences including youth, families and high net-worth individuals; covering brands ranging from food and beverage to luxury events and lifestyle.

Aside from online content writing, including social media management and website SEO; I experience with offline content too, including brochures, pamphlets and press releases. I am able to manage more than just the written element of the brand, but building it from the ground up. This involves handling both the graphic element of the branding, alongside the written content, to ensure that they align and reach the desired tone of the brand.

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