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Book cover created for the children's book, The Christmas Goblin, by mix genre author, M. G. Mason. The original cover (2018 version) is a head shot of The Christmas Goblin who is friendly and cheerful, so I decided to go with an anime/cartoon look that would compete with the medium that children would commonly view.

New cover in 2021:
This time, the concept was to depict a scene from the book, during winter with snow covered trees in the background, a young boy walking a snow covered path, and The Christmas Goblin on top of a rock next the path. I wanted to push the anime/cartoon image even further this time by doing a combination of a (digital) painted background and cel-shaded style characters, that mimics the look of traditional animation in an illustration.

Before there was Santa Claus and before there was Krampus, there was The Christmas Goblin. But the world has forgotten all about him. This is his story.

On a cold, dark world, Christmas Eve in the middle of a storm, a grandmother has a story to tell. It seems the world has forgotten about The Christmas Goblin but she has not. On this new planet with another Christmas Day about to dawn, she might just wake him up. Will her story stir belief in The Christmas Goblin once again?

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The Christmas Goblin