The Pelican after August Strinberg, directed by Povilas Makauskas, illustration footage by Alisa Ruta Stravinskaite, Balcony Theatre 2018, Vilnius, LT.

The Trojan Women after Euripides. directed by Povilas Makauskas. Kaunas National Drama Theatre 2019, Kaunas, LT

The Tempest after William Shakespeare. directed by Povilas Makauskas. Klaipeda Youth Theatre 2019, Klaipeda, LT

WOOD directed by Povilas Makauskas. YAGA Festival 2019, LT

My Fairy Herbarium after Benjamin Lacombe and Sébastien Perez, directed by Povilas Makauskas
illustration footage by Alisa Ruta Stravinskaite, Kaunas National Theatre 2019, Kaunas, LT.

The Tempest after William Shakespeare, directed by Grzegorz Jarzyna, 3D footage by Marek Kozakiewicz, TR Warszawa 2020, Warsaw, PL

Music by Sir Paul McCartney

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Date published: 11 December 2020 2020-12-11T13:09:22+0000

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