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Large format digital out of home (DOOH) is a world class platform for sharing moments of international importance and achievement. When NASA asking Landsec, owner of the Piccadilly Lights in London, to live stream the landing of the Perseverance rover on Mars, there were a number of technical and creative hurdles to overcome.

In a media first for UK out of home, the dramatic landing of the Perseverance rover on Mars was broadcast for 60 minutes on the iconic advertising screen. The production was a collaboration between NASA and Ocean Outdoor which operates the screen.

Ocean Labs used new technology to live stream coverage of the descent within the patchwork of commercial advertisers on the Piccadilly screen using a feed directly from the NASA satellite. The Lights then switched to full screen domination for the final 20 minutes of entry, decent and landing.

After a successful touchdown, the screen began to simulcast the first still images from Mars as the Perseverance rover started to explore the Jezero Crater.

The supporting artwork was created in-house by Ocean’s design studio.

A live broadcast on this scale has never been achieved on the Piccadilly Lights before. Ocean's collaboration with NASA and Landsec showcases how brands can use the new live streaming feature in the patchwork as well as the full screen.

Back on Earth, pictures of the live broadcast from Mars to Piccadilly have since been published around the world.

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Mission to Mars: Live stream of the Perseverance rover landing