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Dance for the Sea is a powerful new work choreographed by the Royal Ballet soloist and artist Fernando Montaño to highlight the disastrous pollution of the world’s oceans and waterways by plastic.

Filmed in London by the underwater photographer Robin Conway, Montaño is immersed under water as he moves and dances among recycled plastic art sculptures which were created by students at three London schools.

The transparent beauty of the water and contrasting plastic sculptures represent conflicting scenes between nature and pollution across the planet.

Previews of Robin Conway’s arresting photographs and clips from the short film will be showcased on Ocean’s Grid network (32 screens) and other large format screens in nine cities including Glasgow, Birmingham, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Leeds on World Oceans Day from June 8 until June 10.

Conway's photographs will be auctioned at a Gala event, directed by and starring Fernando Montaño and Friends, to be held at the Royal Academy of Music in London on July 18. Proceeds will go to the Marine Conservation Society.

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Project featured: on 19th June 2019

Dance For The Sea