Núria Quero Multimedia Student


"BOB" is a platform/puzzle videogame that will break your pre-set perceptual routines by helping the main character switch on his beloved factory again.
By solving different puzzles and gears, the user has to break the mirrors that divide the screen and block BOB. This will allow him to move forward and get to the next level.

While the left side of the screen shows the current factory, the right side shows how the factory used to be. Knowing that, the player will see that some elements change because of the years, and some options of path are different for real BOB and reflection BOB.

The main goal is to get to the main switch that will make all the lights on again and the factory working.

Date created: December 2013 2013-12-01T00:00:00+0000
Date published: 31 January 2016 2016-01-31T16:24:40+0000


  • Pompeu Fabra UniversityClient

BOB, the videogame