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Revitalisation brief
Hummingbird Australia is a millennial women’s fashion brand whose love for fashion, and women who embrace individuality through fashion, drives their entire brand philosophy.

As a brand with a strong grasp of who they are and what they stand for, our challenge was to simplify and clarify brand values and create an identity style — a style that helps express themselves in the right way, to the right people.

What we’ve done:
Art Direction - Social Media Guidelines - Social Media Strategy - Graphic Assets

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With a brand belief that fashion is about looking exquisite, we realised we could align the Hummingbird Australia brand with a specific millennial woman: one that is fashion-forward, has an irreverent personality, and wants to live in their clothes, not just wear them.

By telling brand and product stories centred around the experiences that you have in clothing, and not just focusing on the actual garments themselves, we could establish a position and point-of-view that differentiates and connects with a like-minded culture of individuals.

A digital-first approach to branding
With digital being the primary connection point between the Hummingbird Australia brand and its customers, we used the social media strategy experience as our foundation to define the brand identity framework.

Through exploration and iteration, we were able to establish a system rooted in raw aesthetics, real personality, and authentic opinions. As a brand with something to say, we designed the way it was said by making it simple, but significant bold typography, strong images, and minimal elegance.

As we designed the system, we established brand guidelines and standards that communicate how to best represent the brand across channels.

The new guidelines help express their positioning, personality, and beliefs. Along with this, it provides direction for video, photography, and marketing assets.

We worked alongside the team at Hummingbird Australia to establish a strategy aligned with the brand’s ambition and their audience’s desires. From identity and messaging to digital strategy, we brought their personality forward to establish an experience that expresses their brand point-of-view: “A story of colour, imagination, curiosity, and art.”

In doing so, we created a brand ecosystem where customers can connect with content that they’re interested in and shop for things they value, products that support their lifestyle, and fashion that adds substance to their lives.

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