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About 10 Strawberry Street
Since 1983, 10 Strawberry Street has been an established, recognised and noted leader in the party rental, catering and retail industries.

With placement already in hundreds of resorts, hotels, casinos, restaurants, country clubs, and other commercial establishments across the country, 10 Strawberry Street is delighted to have recently launched a new division focused on the hospitality industry.

Design development
Our aim was to create a new concept and design for the Hospitality catalogue, representing the company’s products in America. All plates are designed by Izabel Lam and sold by 10 Strawberry Street. The project’s concept is based on the five senses and through these we can fully indulge in the sensations of creative cuisine. Photography: Izabel Lam.

What we’ve done:
Editorial design

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Project featured: on 8th April 2020

Catalogue design for 10 Strawberry Street