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Sound mix of the short film Kleptomaniac, for Dream-Magazine. What does it mean to possess an object, but care little if at all for what happens to it? And what does it mean to possess the time one spends with another person? In either case, is this person who takes these things really, by definition, a thief? Barcelona-based filmmaker Jordi Clusella, along with screenwriter Marta Luque, explores these and other question in the new short film Kleptomaniac.

Starring Pol Fernández, Antonella Macchi and Albert Boix
Directed by Jordi Clusella
DoP Toni Rey
Producers Julis Briansó
Script Marta Luque & Jordi Clusella
Edit Xavi Trilla
Focus Puller Héctor Julián
Gaffer Toni Alcalde
Original Music & Sound Design Oriol Tió
Direct Sound Lluís Margarit
Sound Mix Pablo Martín (Nov25Studio)
Color Grading Lluís Velamazán
Production Company Colmado

Date created: May 2018 2018-05-01T00:00:00+0100
Date published: 7 May 2018 2018-05-07T14:40:47+0100
Project featured: on 9th May 2018

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