Globally, the pharmaceutical and wider life sciences industry was valued at $1250.24 Billion in 2021. The market is set to continue growing and expected to be worth $1700.97 Billion by 2025.

We start with an observation:
Crown Bioscience has been in a state of almost constant transformation since its formation in 2006. The company has evolved from a Chinese preclinical oncology CRO into a dynamic and intuitive US based life sciences and biotech organization.

This rapid pace of change has led to cracks forming within the company’s sense of self identification - resulting in a form of brand dysphoria which has been further amplified by a visual identity that has more to do with monarchy than the infinite possibilities for advancing science, research, and ultimately human healthcare.

With the company identifying as Crown Biosciences, CrownBio, CB and Crown – we see a company and brand culture no longer aligned with its strategy, vision, mission, or values.

More importantly – we see a company that is failing to engage and resonate relevantly with customers in North America, Europe, or APAC.

Recognising this also, the company aims to realign and revitalise internal understanding and instil a renewed and shared sense of self – rewriting its brand story with an authenticity that empowers its people as brand ambassadors to the infinite possibilities Crown Biosciences and its benefits to the world of science and technology.

Dissecting the visual identity
We can see that historically each iteration of the Crown Biosciences identity has followed a set formula. The primary visual descriptor has always been heavily weighted towards explaining and reinforcing the generic ‘Crown’ nomenclature with the ‘Biosciences’ specialism abbreviated to ‘bio’.

Inevitably this has led to the necessity for and inclusion of a brand tagline with the brandmark and wordmark to explain the company’s purpose.

Direction of travel
Crown Bioscience is a company that has never stood still. From its inception, it has pushed boundaries, innovating at a pace that its brand identity has failed to keep up with.

Today we stand at a juncture. Strategic acquisitions coupled with a focussed business model for the future demand a brand identity with the scope to grow with the company’s long-term vision whilst correcting many of the market misconceptions that exist around the company.

Pivoting the brand visual and verbal identity 180°, we move to create clear blue water between ourselves and challenger brands. By living our values of quality and innovation through our brand expression and in our actions, we set ourselves a clear target that will make the company stronger.

Discovering the infinite possibilities of Crown Bioscience.

In our search for an authentic creative platform of expression to visually articulate the core -essence of Crown Biosciences and its transformational journey, it was crucial that the new identity embodies the infinite opportunities made possible by the company’s signature commitment to quality enabled innovation in the world of human healthcare and clinical research.

Dispensing with the literal depiction of a crown and embracing a tangible and unifying representation of Crown Bioscience’s past, present and future - the new logo adopts a hand- crafted iteration of the infinity symbol to create a dynamic and versatile visual narrative that embodies the transformative culture and strategy of the company.

Leveraging the infinite possibilities future scientific research offers mankind, the infinity symbol bridges Crown and Bioscience to reframe and reposition the company and its scientific credentials.

The rotating double helix symbolism of the infinity logo also pays tribute to the DNA helix and the numeric ‘8’ which references the eight building blocks of Hachimoji DNA and RNA.

Infinite Possibilities

Giving voice to the brand idea; “Infinite Possibilities” expresses an inclusive company culture and strategy that embraces the power of transformative thinking to overcome the boundaries and limitations of old industry realities.

Completing the company’s visual identity, this two-word construct equips the brand with a versatile storytelling model that will adapt to the rapidly changing needs of the global life sciences, biotech and biomedical community.

“Infinite Possibilities” mirrors the realisation within those the company seeks to partner with, that the ground-breaking advances now possible within science creates the future for science and healthcare that truly has infinite possibilities for the human-race.


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Project featured: on 8th August 2022

Embracing the Infinite Possibilities of science to reposition a global CRO

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