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Taking a look at branding a little differently, and how we can give back, to create and promote positive change, and support our local communities. Been working with a super client this year, Richmond Barbers, a Barbers based in Richmond-Upon-Thames, who want to give back via charitable work, through their brand. So we developed a product line called 50.

WHY 50

50% to Charity >>> 50% back into Products

This is a completely non-profit line of products developed and designed to improve the lives of renal patients throughout the UK, by funding direct improvements to treatment centres, and to raise awareness of kidney disease. 50 believe charitable work should always have real results. It is more than a brand. It is a community.


Richmond Barbers has come together with its local community to gather local artists, to produce artwork to be printed on the 50 products. This is different look at branding, to promote people in the local community in exciting ways. This has caught attention from overseas, and artists are currently sending artwork to get involved.


A day of art was organised, and each artist was briefed on the story of the product and how it will hopefully create change for many renal patients. A large square canvas was given to each artist and we all spent a day filming and producing art.

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