Nicolene Scheepers Founder & Art Director


Welcome to Hoopfull.

The idea behind this Brand was to create a level of comfort for both parties on either end.

Communication should be easy, and comfortable enough to talk to anyone. Hoopfull focuses on various life skills and other day-to-day challenges. Hoopfull portrays happiness and a safe welcoming environment to discuss your life challenges and seek the help you need instantly.

The challenge was to create a logo that's modern enough, doesn't look medical, and still portrays the function of the brand as an easily accessible service to anyone who needs it. This will be online and should work across all levels of branding.

When really thinking about it, and doing a lot of research, the shapes were obvious, and right in my face - Communication is key! What does communication mean to me, and the other person on the other end? With that being said, after many drafts, Hoopfull was born. Happy ends on both sides, getting the help you need, with the brand not looking too medical, but still modern enough to communicate trust, happiness, and a more comfortable way to connect online. Communication should be easy across all areas for all ages.


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