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ourweetrips is a personal photography site created by Nicky & Marko.

I, Nicky am from Belfast, Marko is from Cardiff and we currently live in London. We love travelling, and last year we made a commitment to ourselves to explore more of the UK and Ireland. We discussed how so many people travel the world, but often don't make the effort to discover the magic on their doorstep. So we decided to challenge ourselves, and to create a photography blog as we did it.

We both work in the creative industry and have experience working across tourism brands and we realised a lot of the 'tourism photography' out there is either too staged or too Insta-perfect. So part of our ambition was to capture authentic images of our trips. Rainy days, cloudy skies, big scenes, small close-ups, we wanted to capture what it's really like exploring the UK & Ireland – in all its glory! So our snaps are an honest account of... 'ourweetrips'.

We hope that our work might inspire others to look a little closer to home before booking their holiday abroad, as we've had some of our best holidays in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

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