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Nicky was the first creative woman to become Chairperson of a UK Marketing Agency - the now multi-awarded MRM in London. And in January this year, she was promoted to European Chairwoman of MRM.

Creatively recognised across nearly all the major shows, she believes she's probably worked across every media and sector - but direct and digital are where her heart lies. And despite running a huge operation, she also keeps her hand in ideating as often as she can.

Nicky however believes the biggest campaign of her career is the one we are living right now, the campaign for equality. She and MRM continue to work with Hidden ; the recruitment agency that uses bias free tech to find diverse candidates. She has also committed to Creative Comebacks, a scheme that reintroduces women to the industry.

Unsurprisingly Nicky's impact has been felt within the industry; MRM has been shortlisted again for Campaign's Customer Engagement Agency of the Year and received a score or 8/9 in the publication's prestigious School Reports. MRM London was also the most creatively recognised Customer Engagement Agency in the UK's most respected Customer Engagement awards show, the DMAs, and recognised in the One Show, The Caples, and Creative Circle as well as specialist awards such as the International Travel Awards. MRM has also just picked up a pencil at the D&AD awards in Design Craft for Tommee Tippee and the agency has just been awarded UK Agency of the Year by The Gerety Awards.


In addition to delivering commercial success for the business, in the last 12 months Nicky's been actively involved in delivering purpose driven work.

She's created a PSA for UN Women around domestic violence which received 22m views. Her domestic violence work continued with the NoMore Foundation, where she created a campaign activating neighbours who were now working from home to start #listeningfromhome.

She also worked with the Safer London organization, creating a website with information helping young people, or parents of young people, to find the resources they need to escape a violent life. She was then invited to be an expert contributor to the UK's Youth Violence Commission's white paper, her contribution entitled The Creative Responsibility: From Hype to Hope.

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