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I have always enjoyed live music and with a background in the Hifi and Home Cinema industry have listened to a fair amount of it in my time. Feeling the need for the need for a technical challenge and with a bit more time on my hands I began to think about what I wanted from my next work and having really enjoyed all the illustrations of musicians contacted Myles Kennedy. With help from Roger Barcham providing some great reference material from Alter Bridges show in London (November 2016) I began my task.

A few technical notes, I found the last few years what I consider to be my style which I consider to be a 'rough photographic' where the closer you get to the piece, the viewer will notice rough brush strokes that as you step away merge into one another creating a fairly realistic interpretation. This piece embodies some fairly tight controlled strokes with rough and free line work blended in with one another added with a tight grip on the colour palette.

A quote from Myles on the illustration:

“Nick Banning managed to make me look a lot cooler than I actually am with his illustration. A very gifted artist to say the least!”

Its been a while since I have posted anything on here and I hope to change this over the summer, I have been studying for a Masters at Goldsmiths. I have had the opportunity to do some gig photography and have worked on a some pretty cool design projects which I hope to upload once I have made head way with my final major project. Anyway I had the chance to present this Myles recently.

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