Cathay Pacific sought to create a virtual reality experience to celebrate the arrival of the Airbus A350-1000 and their new Hong Kong – Washington route.

With the addition of a new ultra-long-haul route and the incorporation of the state-of-the-art Airbus A350-1000 into their fleet, Cathay Pacific wanted to create something mind-blowing and original to do justice to this momentous occasion in their history. With a number of high-profile shows and conferences throughout September and October 2018, Cathay Pacific wanted to go above and beyond to wow and delight customers and internal stakeholders alike with a fun, memorable and sense-rich experience.

Cathay Pacific and Neutral Digital collaborated to design and implement a VR storyboard that would show the prospective passenger visual and interactive highlights of the livery, the cabin and the brand itself. We created a mechanism to encourage full exploration of the Cathay Pacific experience by means of gamification, allowing users to progress through the cabin by role-playing as crew, eventually earning their wings as Captain in the interactive cockpit by completing a series of challenges.

We incorporated virtual flight attendants to guide the user through the experience at every step of the way. Incorporating this element is a fantastic way of communicating a brand’s look, feel and ethos. For Cathay Pacific, Grace and Nadia interact with the user, explaining each feature of the experience and encouraging them on their journey towards earning their wings.

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Cathay Pacific A350-1000 VR Experience