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To create a limited edition box set of vinyl, CDs, and merchandise that celebrates 50 years of Trojan Records; considering the hertiage, influence, and authenticity of design over the decades.

The iconic brand can be seen tattooed on skin, stitched on clothing, and worn with pride. With this in mind, the client wanted something iconic that portrayed the Trojan brand confidently and in a way that would resonate with its loyal fan base.


A speaker that when stacked together builds the ultimate Trojan Sound System. The idea was born from Trojan history where the locals in Jamacia would compete to build the best sound system; paying tribute to the likes of Duke Reid and the sound system culture.

The outer package was designed to replicate a speaker down to every detail, including the bespoke ‘sand-blast matt varnish’ created to enhance the ‘touch’ element of the speaker grill.

The idea when the box is opened is to create a visual explosion of the colourful music that the Trojan catalogue is known for. Using influences of typography and colour from authentic sleeves made over the past 50 years; creating a fresh approach to a celebrated graphic style.


Marketing Creatives:
Laurence Cane-Honeysett
Max Norlin

Creative Direction:
Neel Panchal

Neel Panchal with Joe Waghorn and Giulia Villa

Date created: August 2018 2018-08-01T00:00:00+0100
Date published: 3 March 2019 2019-03-03T01:38:46+0000


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Trojan Records / 50th Anniversary (Vinyl Box Set)