Neel Design Director



To ignite interest in the 20th Anniversary of ‘You’ve Come A Long Way Baby’ amongst the press and the Fatboy Slim fanbase.


A play on the name and the invention of “Fatboy’s Meal Deal”. We created a pizza brand called ‘Fatboy’s’ that incoporated the iconic image of the original sleeve and a traditional take away pizza brand.

The challenge was trying to create this on a small budget while staying true to the concept; restricted to a one colour palette, we decided to screen print the boxes.

The pizza box contained an LP, deluxe book CD version and limited edition t-shirt made to replicate the one worn in the original album (with a slight spin).

This was only available from Norman’s official store and in only a week, we managed to sell out all 400 Pizza boxes.


Creative Direction & Design:
Neel Panchal

Marketing Creatives:
James Meadows & Simon Dawson

Video Direction & Production:
Wild Stag Studio

Screen Print:
Luma Studio


  • Fatboy SlimClient
  • * NeelCreative Director and Graphic Designer
Annual 2019 ShortlistFatboy Slim / Pizza Box Set (limited edition)Packaging Project featured: on 20th February 2019

Fatboy Slim / Pizza Box Set (limited edition)