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Customer service just got smarter.

Limitless combine unique technology and good-gig principles to empower customers and brands to create amazing customer experiences for everyone.

Define a brand that captures the human and technology model of the business.

We created a visual identity based on the concept of opening a world of possibility, created by the combined power of people and technology.

Raised £5 million in Series A funding.
Big brands such as Microsoft and The Daily Mirror are now using the platform.
Recognised at 4 major industry awards – CCW Disruptive Technology of the Year, Top 50 Disruptive Companies in the UK, Top 50 SaaS Companies To Work For in the UK and Engage Awards’ Best Innovation in Customer Engagement.

People are at the heart of the Limitless platform so we developed a people-centric, approachable visual identity. This is combined with a smart technology look and feel, referenced through the colour palette and isometric grid system. The illustration styling allows us to hone in on single interactions between people or zoom out to reveal a world that is fully connected and buzzing with activity. Anything is possible with Limitless.

The brand illustration style portrays the opportunity clients receive when using Limitless. The people represent the opportunity to access thousands of Experts across the world. The technology they are using to connect with each other represents the opportunity for new innovative solutions to be implemented for customer service. All of this happens on the isometric Network Grid which combines the power of people and technology. This shows examples of how flexible and seamless the Limitless app is for Experts. Whether they are having a flat white in a café or watching the world pass by in the park – they have the opportunity to connect to the Limitless app and complete tasks for their brand.

The brand comes to life in movement and motion. Animations reveal content in a way that suggests Limitless is opening up a world of endless opportunity. Vertical and horizontal keylines slide open to reveal text or images as a ‘curtain reveal’.

The logo is a mark of innovative customer service solutions – always providing customers with the support they desire. The ambition is to keep customers, Experts and brand teams happy, hence the smile in the logo. The smile also connects the Expert to the customer (represented by the two ‘i’s).

At the heart of the business is the SmartCrowd™ platform and the technology behind it makes everything happen. Our platform and app design unified the experience allowing Experts to sign up more quickly and allowing customers to receive a quicker and more accurate customer experience. This was achieved by a combination of best practice UX design principles and an engaging visual identity that stimulated the users.

We rolled out the brand strategy and brand identity across the corporate website, platform and app design, marketing videos, sales/investor deck templates and exhibition display stands. This is all supported by brand strategy documentation, tone of voice guidance and brand identity guidelines. We have also worked with the internal teams to ensure they feel confident using the new identity across digital platforms and marketing.

"The quality of work has been very innovative and inspiring. We're now very proud of the Limitless visual identity and our brand strategy."

Roger Beadle
CEO and Founder


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Limitless brand strategy and re-brand