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Let’s be honest, meeting a stranger face-to-face isn’t particularly high on many peoples to-do-list right now. So, love them or hate them, it looks like video interviews are here to stay!  If you want any chance of grabbing an in-demand position you’d better sharpen up your on-screen self. 

We all know how to ace a traditional interview right? Well add a bit of lag, a microphone misfunction or a screaming toddler into the mix and you’ve got a recipe for missed opportunity pie!

Whether its Zoom, Teams, Blue Jeans, WhatsApp or Duo, the rules are always the same, you need to get yourself across in the best possible way and leave a lasting, positive impression on your interviewer(s).

Here are some ways to knock your next video interview out of the park.

Sort out your background!

A nice neutral spot in a well-lit, quiet area is perfect. Don’t pick a busy coffee shop or the back seat of the number 45. Make sure everyone nearby knows you’re doing an interview; you don’t want any in invited guests dropping in to say hi.

Charge your battery and check those cables!

Make sure all of your devices are working and all batteries are on 100%. Maybe do a test call to a mate to check it all works. You can get some feedback on how you look and sound at the same time?

NEXT hire or just Missguided?

Just like a face to face interview, getting your outfit spot on is hard, but a bit of research will go a long way. Try checking the companies LinkedIn for people in similar positions to the one that you’re interviewing for. Going a tiny bit smarter than what you might wear day-to-day will help you feel confident and professional. Oh and remember to wear something on you bottom half (you might have to stand up)

Live and direct?

After you have introduced yourself and greeted the interviewer, confirm that they can see and hear you correctly. You don’t want to smash the hardest question in the interview, only to find out that they could only see your mouth moving.

Prep, Prep, Prep!

You might be in your kitchen, but there is no excuse for not knowing as much as you possibly can about the company that you’re interviewing for. Who are their clients? What have they been up to recently? What core values do they hold? Check their WWW, LinkedIn, Insta and definitely Google them. The more you know, the better you’ll perform. Lots of firms have a section detailing how they run their interview process on their careers page. 

Look into my eyes!

Get your camera set up correctly. It’s time to dig out those old encyclopaedias! You need to be setup so that you are at eyelevel with the camera. Looking down on the interview isn’t very wise and looking up sends terrible psychological signals. So, whether it’s you, or your laptop, one of you needs to move!

The Turtoise and the Hare.

Don’t rush through your answers. Understanding people properly is even harder over the internet, so make sure you can be clearly and accurately heard. Take a second to compose your thoughts before answering. 

Sharing is caring

Make sure you know how to properly share your screen. Everyone feels on edge when they’re being watched, so take the pressure off a bit by talking through a small presentation or bringing you portfolio full screen. Just make sure you’ve closed those dodgy tabs and that your DM’s are turned off! Obviously, there’s a fair bit of work to be done before you get to interview. If you are considering a change of direction or need any help or advice in finding your next placement, give us a shout. We work with tons of awesome firms across lots of sectors and can help your career dreams come true.

This blog was provided by Gareth Parons, Recruitment Consultant - mustard MD. He specialises in all things Graphics, Digital & Marketing Outside of London. If you are a client or candidate and wish to speak with Gareth, please contact him on 0117 284 0068 or at [email protected] 


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