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Needless to say, it’s been a pretty tumultuous year and this translated into hiring for the strong majority of it. However, we are seeing a steady increase in projects being signed off by clients, thus creating the need for extra staff or the expansion of teams. Hopefully as we progress into the build up to Christmas and the new year, we are going to see more and more projects dropping into place as we start onto the road to recovery.

Over the last week, we have seen a small increase in the amount of freelance briefs that we have coming through from our architecture clients, which is good sign for those contractors and freelancers who have been affected by the reduction in gigs. This also shows that there is a positive move towards busier projects and projects being won, with companies finding the need to bring in specialists to help ease the workload.

However, we do still find ourselves at the mercy of Covid to a certain extent. With a recent increase in the amount of cases and the introduction of a new tier system, it is difficult to say how long this busy period will last. Optimistically, I would like to think that a second lockdown will not have much of an effect on the Visualisation industry, as nearly everyone can be/or is still set up to operate from home.

As ever, the world of VR/AR is blowing full steam ahead, with it prevalence in our current situation becoming more and more apparent. With the lack of accessibility to things like house viewings and events, the need for interactive technologies is obvious and something which companies are now starting to capitalise on. As such there has been a big increase in candidates upskilling in Unreal/Unity, but also the requirement from Clients.

If we can take anything away from this period, is the resilience of the visualisation industry and the sense of camaraderie. As always, all mustard consultants are happy to have discussion with anyone in the design industry, whether it be for creative ways to improve CV’s and Portfolios, advice on where to go in order to improve your skills and gain experiences, or if you are looking to speak with someone on the best way to build and expand your company.

This blog was written by Thom Knock, Recruitment Consultant - mustard VIZ. Thom covers all things Visualisation & CGI - whether you are a client or candidate, please feel free to reach him on 0117 284 0074 or at [email protected] 


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