The Brief
To find the perfect sound to demonstrate the superiority of Sennheiser headphones in the context of a difficult retail experience where consumers often have neither the technical know-how or the quality in-store demo experience needed to differentiate between high end headphones.

The Strategy
To create a unique audio experience which enables customers to judge the quality of top-tier sound across three crucial elements – richness (hearing the whole frequency range), clarity (hearing all the subtle details) and soundstage (feeling as if you’re in the front row of the concert hall).

The idea
We worked with Sennheiser and music composer and sound designer, Tim Cowie, to create a perfectly curated piece of music, ‘Sound Check’ - the world’s first audio track specifically designed to test these three elements, helping listeners understand what makes a quality sound experience and judge the headphone performance.

The results.
23,000 Sound Check tests in the first two weeks
7.1 million impressions
Average dwell time of 8 minutes (400% increase on all other Sennheiser pages)

Date created: March 2020 2020-03-01T00:00:00+0000
Date published: 10 September 2020 2020-09-10T17:51:31+0100


  • Stefanie ReichertClient
Project featured: on 4th September 2020

Sound Check