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Despite Just Eat having clear market leadership, nearly half of the population are yet to order food online. We needed to acquire new customers, whilst encouraging our existing customers (key audience of 16-34s) to order more frequently.

Having attracted early adopters in our early years of growth we now had the difficult task of shifting behavioural change amongst a broader mass audience. We knew that our solution would need to deliver more than traditional channels alone to achieve the growth needed, identifying a media partnership that could provide more (chicken) bang-bang for our buck was essential.

As 50% of takeaways are ordered over the weekend aligning ourselves with this occasion was key. We had to ‘go large’ on our partnership to deliver brand fame and new customer growth as promised. And it doesn’t get much larger than the supersize X Factor sponsorship, offering a regular opportunity to talk to 6.4m hungry viewers every weekend. Indexing highly for our audience, it was the perfect fit.

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Date published: 22 February 2019 2019-02-22T11:12:49+0000


Thinkbox Award Best Sponsorship

Who pooled - Just Eat Sponsors the X Factor: The Perfect Night In