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This was part of a brief for University, as well as a competition for Penguin books. I have gone against my gut when
it comes to the Penguin Books
brief. Early on I had the vision of the
‘Wonder’ cover being type-based and
I’m still convinced it is a solid idea.
However, I am going to trust my peers
and go with the guidance and art
direction offered up from Barry.
All the covers for ‘Wonder’ focused
on August and his looks or hiding
his looks with his trademark space helmet. It was suggested to look
beyond that, and find out what he,
what the story, was all about. There
were so many illustrative elements
and themes within the book that
NOT illustrating the cover would be
a mistake. Initially I dismissed the idea
to make a collage of illustrations, as I
felt it could end up looking too much
like a Mr Doodle drawing and I didn’t
want to emulate that style. I went back
to the typography-based cover, and
really, I couldn’t go any deeper than
I already had. I needed that, though.
There are times when I need to see for
myself that a certain choice, despite
feeling right, just won’t have the legs.
I have combed through ‘Wonder’ so
many times, and picked out as many
references, direct mentions, themes,
objects, and pop-culture icons I
could find. There was an illustration
for everything, and the layout was
not planned.

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WONDER Book Cover