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California dreamin' on such a winter's day. I'm really excited for this target because after capturing it last season in a really widefield image, I finally had a chance to get up close and personal with it.
Located in the constellation of Perseus, NGC1499 is a large but visibly faint emission nebula.

The brightest star in the image is Xi Persei, also known as Menkib. Menkib is one of the hottest and most massive stars visible to the naked eye, and is probably responsible for illuminating the nearby California Nebula (NGC 1499).

This image was shot with a narrowband filter that only captures wavelengths of light from Hydrogen alpha, Hydrogen beta, and Oxygen III. Usually my images do consist of the full spectrum of visible light (save for cutting out traditional light pollution) but this one is my first attempt at processing such a minimal spectrum - and it came with new ways to bring out the most detail in the photo.

SkyWatcher Evostar 72ED
Canon Rebel T5i
SkyWatcher EQ6-R Pro Mount


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