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Welcome to TellyFest, the fictional fan convention that brings together superfans, dressed up as their favourite TV people from past and present. The ad for Freesat unites a mix of characters all in the name of great TV.

The get together is ‘Unbelievably Good’, building off our Brand Defining Idea for Freesat. The joy experienced by those who switch to the subscription-free service is expressed through the fun nature of TellyFest’s attendees. The campaign’s clever casting highlights a plethora of subtle references for telly enthusiasts from over 40 memorable shows from the past 50 years. And, it’s narrated by none other than Big Brother’s Marcus Bentley.

This campaign builds on the successful growth of Freesat with the brand experiencing a 90% increase in sales since our relationship began. The ad is live nationwide, exclusively on ITV. The ad will be airing during some of the biggest prime time slots, including Coronation Street and I'm a Celebrity, whilst being featured on VOD and other social channels.

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Welcome to Freesat’s TellyFest

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