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The Background:

Method is a premium cleaning product brand operating in a functional, low emotion category. With low awareness, but a high conversion record, we had to create a multi-channel campaign that would get attention and drive trial.

We first asked ourselves, how do you actually make people care about cleaning products? Our audience don’t just buy Method because of its efficacy, they buy it because of how it looks, and how it makes THEM look.

Method is the trend setting, maverick of the cleaning category. Their mission is to inspire a cleaner, greener world. Their products look good - with a spectrum of beautiful colours and funky bottle shapes, and they do good - with non-toxic and environmentally friendly ingredients.

Our target audience - stylish and discerning social spenders - like to do good but want to look good at the same time. These are the type of people who would definitely post a photo of themselves recycling on Instagram. They have ‘altruistic narcissism’. And that’s cool with us.

By bringing this insight and product truth together we landed on our Brand Defining Idea - Look good. Do better. The visually arresting, made for social campaign shows how you can do good with Method whilst still looking damn fine at the same time. These little vignettes are the antithesis of what you expect from the cleaning category. Just like Method.

The Work:

Our social, comms campaign takes your everyday cleaning and do-good attitude and makes them beautiful.

We present our audience’s world through an altruistic, yet funny narcissistic, lens - tapping into the Instagram culture (note the square world in the ad) of people wanting to be seen doing good. From a glam granny recycling her many empty champagne bottles to a dapper gentleman cleaning his prize trophy.

With tongue in cheek humour the campaign raises more than a smile. It demonstrates the product range in action and makes cleaning sexy. The campaign, running across VOD, social, digital, print and in-store is helping Method cut through and drive the sort of stand out awareness that other cleaning products can only dream of. Method is already cleaning up as a result.

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