How agencies can survive in the new age of creativity

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Agencies are going through an unprecedented time of change with technology having a significant impact on business and how they are defined. So how can they survive in this new age of creativity?

Laura Jordan Bambach, chief creative officer at Mr President, suggested focusing on what the robots can't do as a way forward on a panel at Connect: London, expressing that there's no substitute for the human touch.

She was joined by host Daniele Fiandanca, co-founder of Utopia and Creative Social; Scott Morrison, founder of The Boom; and Mark Earls, founder of Herd Consultancy, to discuss the topic.

“The danger is if you look at it through the lens of brand and agency because frankly what’s happening is people just don’t give a shit anymore," added Morrison, who has worked for brands such as Levi's and Diesel as well as agency side. "There’s probably 10 times as much empowerment for consumers happening than we think; just don't care.”

The panel agreed that the key to winning the hearts and minds of consumers in today's landscape is to create meaningful services and things that change culture, rather than more unwanted products. And as for lifting the spirit among creative teams, Morrison suggested falling in love with a problem on a brief rather than seeing it as an obstacle.


It’s not about creating another product, it’s about empowering consumers to become more engaged with your brand. Make something that matters and changes culture. Doing vs making, doing is what you’re told to do and making someone who takes the creativity and Harrison also explains how important it is to reframe what’s important to make time to be creative and achieve what you want. Using other peoples ideas and creativity to shape our own.

Following the session, Jordan Bambach sat down with Creativepool to talk about the state of the industry.


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