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I was invited to photograph the BIG cats at The Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent
Big cats are photographed often: usually on cameras with long lenses, from a distance, in daylight, for good reason.
Not knowing this reason, I decided to photograph the big cats in a flash-lit photo studio that I set up INSIDE an actual lions' den.
After the first six despondent months of going to the sanctuary weekly and failing to ingratiate myself with the cats and my equipment, I managed to get my first frame and something seemed to click (not just my shutter) and the rest followed more easily.
It was my ambition to raise awareness of how endangered the big cats in our world are and how we can help them.
I endeavoured to show how much character these individual cats have and how stunning and magnificent they are, hoping to provoke people to want to help protect them.
10 Big Cat portraits are currently on public display 2mx2m at London Bridge train station.
We have raised a considerable amount of money for the sanctuary auctioning prints.


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