Around 1 in 4 pregnancies ends in miscarriage. It's a horrible and intensely lonely experience. Friends and family often can't find the right words. Or worse, they can't find any at all. This activity was all about acknowledgment - for a brief life lost, and for the Miscarriage Association itself.
We needed to find the words for those who can't. And raise awareness of the Miscarriage association at the same time. We found an amazing but shocking insight. There is one place where all life's important events are acknowledged. Except one. And that place is card shops.
So we chose an indirect direct route. We created a set of beautiful, simple cards. Each headline was passed through a panel of women who've been there. The typography is the handwriting of people who've been there. And inside every card are the details of the Miscarriage Association.
We launched the campaign in London card stores through the retail chain PostMark, the morning after Mothers Day in the UK.
With a total production cost of just £841.57 (print, envelopes and cellophane bags) we
got the acknowledgement we wanted. 870k people read about our campaign. Website
traffic increased from an average monthly number of 72,419 to 157,107 at campaign
launch. More than double. Organic searches increased from 58,806 to 135,551 at
campaign launch. Facebook sessions increased from 901 to 6,390 at campaign launch.
But most importantly, loved ones found the words they couldn't find before. And we got
help into the hands of women who needed it, at the exact time they needed it.


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