Maria Papagianni Creative designer | Concept development


Bring to life what Lenor’s freshness means to convince people it is worth using. Create a simple, modern and impactful poster with a headline to communicate that Lenor’s freshness is essential.

Poster 1
TITLE: Don't bring work with you (rewarded poster)
The idea is to present 3 people at the same time in a visual, whose profession has to do with places with strong or special smells such as, a chef, a doctor and a photojournalist. The transition from the close-up of one image to another (with soft, curved borders), simulates a smell that spreads, travels across a room. So, in a simple, modern way and with a theme from our daily life, it is captured that thanks to Lenor, the freshness of your clothes remains and prevents other odors from following you.
- Special credits and thanks to the photographers for their R-Free images: Zahir Namane, Jan Vašek and Sebastien Bourguet

Poster 2
TITLE: Let your laundry do the talking
In a place that overflows with energy like a concert, where is very easy to lose your freshness (dancing, crowds, drinks, smoke), the duration and intensity of Lenor's freshness is emphasized, in a minimal, modern and unexpected way. Imagine this: Lenor's freshness beats technology! (messenger, send your location)
- Special credits and thanks to the photographer for his R-Free image: Lachy Spratt

Date created: July 2020 2020-07-01T00:00:00+0100
Date published: 29 November 2020 2020-11-29T17:37:22+0000


The Essence of Lenor Freshness