As of April 12, 2020, the first official version of the EQORIA Charter declaring EQORIA, United Citizens of Earth was announced. EQORIA belongs to the superior planet Earth. No one owns EQORIA.

As the world moves into a new era of changes, our progress will begin to accelerate our responsibility to harmonize the planet, from a simple but powerful seed, into a blossoming tree of HARMONISM.

We will begin our work with currently thousands of EQORIA Earth Consortium members who are visioneers, architects, scientists, engineers, artists, and all other conscious experts to build a network of 1110 EQORIA CITIES beginning December 12, 2024. Until that time we are planing, growing, and optimizing our collective energy.

Everything starts will solid and visionary steps. We utilize all our capacities with technologies, wisdom, and art. And we will achieve our goal with strong leadership, great consciousness, and without any fear.

EQORIA PLANETARIAN SINGULARITY is the future of our planet Earth.

My activities revolve around building smart and harmonious solutions at EQORIA Earth Consortium which is currently semi-public. EQORIA will go public on December 12, 2020.

-DARTQOR is an intelligent and unique decision and wealth platform for EQORIA Citizens that can generate billions of dollars.

-EQORIA Earth Academy, is an ownerless and empirical education system for the citizens of EQORIA.

-EQORIA Singularity Impact (ESI) is an Earth observatory, diagnosis, and decision system that empowers citizens to create change for the planet by utilizing their wealth and consciousness.

-EQORIA LIFE SPACE, one of six spaces of EQORIA Planetarian Singularity, focuses primarily on functionalities related to the physical and mental well being and prosperity of EQORIA Earth Citizens.
EQORIA LifeLab is the ownerless and empirical citizen health infrastructure. From nutrition to diagnosis, and from maintaining health to treatments, LifeLab covers all.


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